New 8,500T Floating Drydock”

File No. DD08500


Built:  2012

Builder:  U.S. Builder 
Price:  On Request
Inspection:  Gulf Coast 
Delivery:  Prompt 
  • 300.0′ loa x 140.0′ beam x 8.0′ hull depth, with 120’ clearance between 22’ high wing walls.
  • Built in 2012 at a U.S. shipyard. U.S. flag.
  • Plate thickness; 1/2” deck; 3/4” deck centerline; 3/8” bottom; 3/8” corrugated sides; 3/8” wing walls; 1/2” longitudinal WT bulkhead; 3/8” longitudinal NT bulkhead; 3/8” transverse WT/NT bulkheads.
  • Each tank fitted with two (2) 6” ITT “Matador” model 27 HP submersible pumps; One (1) 3” Barnes 10CCE stripping pump (located in wing wall); Two (2) 10” vents with DeZurik (PEC) plug valves (air actuated to open with spring return); Two (2) 12” vents extending 6’ above wing wall deck. All pumps and valves controlled from control house.
  • Deck fittings include; Twenty-four (24) Nabrico DF-500-30-7-15 electric winches; Twenty-four (24) 18” kevels; Four (4) 36” kevels; Twenty-four (24) closed chocks.
  • Ballast tanks fitted with forty-eight (48) flush multi-bolt watertight manhole access covers. Wing wall access through eight (8) 30” x 30” flush 4 dog hatches with spring balanced cover and recessed spring.
  • Twenty-four (24) 1000 watt flood lights; Twenty-four (24) 110V work receptacles on wing walls; Lights and 110V receptacle fitted in control house.
  • International Paints internal and external coatings.


Inspection: U.S. Gulf Coast. Drydock is fully outfitted and ready for service. Owners will consider prompt sale. Please contact Churchill Marine  for further technical details, pricing and inspection arrangements.