300FT Offshore Jackup Rig New in Made (Estimate Finish by July, 2013)

Location: Dallas, TX
Price: Upon Request
Condition: New


Equipment Description:


This platform is a non-self-propelled self-elevating drilling rig used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation and development operation with the drill capacity of 9000m (30000 ft), provided with such functions as drilling, cementation, and auxiliary production test, etc.

Maximum operating water depth within 91.4m (300 ft)
The hull of the platform is triangle box-type structure.
The main dimension of the hull is 60.96m (200 ft) long, 55.78m (180 ft) wide, and 7.62m (25 ft) deep.
Hull structure is divided into three layers: main deck, machinery deck, and bottom deck. The living area is divided into five layers.

The main equipments of the drill rig of this platform are suitable for 9000m (30000ft) drill rig. Generator sets, top drive system has been globally optimized.

The maximum design hook load of drill rig is 675t (1488 kips);
the maximum design drilling combination load of cantilever is 1000t (2205 kips);
the maximum design variable load at the working condition in drilling is 3500t (7716 kips) (including hook load);
five big power Cat3516B generator sets;
three F-1600HP mud pumps;
three shale shakers and a big torque top drive system are equipped;
the volume of mud pit is 600m3;
the equipments of solid control system are five stages purification;
platform manning: 105 persons.