Jack-Up Platforms


New Build Jack-Up Platforms


LOA: 30.50 m (or 24.40 m)
Width: 18.30 m
Pontoon Depth: 2.13 m
Free length between spud foot and bottom SEP: 25.50 m (further extension upon request)
Allowable Deck Load: up to approx. 400 tons, subject to free spud length
Allowable Deck Point Load: 15 tons/m2
GL Class Notation: +100A5 K(20) Self-Elevating Unit


The platform is supported by four 48″ diameter spud, each one individually operated by four synchronized hydraulic cylinders mounted in heavy duty spudwells. Specific capacity of each spudwell is 300 tons. Spuds can be delivered including a spudjoint, separating the spud in two parts for ease of transportation.

The platform consists of a number of standardized floating modules coupled together through a male pin/ female connection system. Modules are sized to be easily transportable by road, train, or ship. Specific deck point load of each module is 15 Ton / m2.

Due to its modular design, overall dimensions can be adapted to customer needs.


The jacking mechanism consists of two manually operated crossheads per spudwell, to lock and unlock the spud from vertical movement. Vertical movement is accomplished by four (4) hydraulic heavy duty cylinders with a stroke 0.61 m working on an operating pressure of 140 bar.

The four spudwells are powered by a total of two (2) hydraulic power packs for simultaneously lifting and lowering the spud legs through its seating. The power packs are silenced, with a 70 kW air cooled diesel engine driving a flywheel mounted tandem pump.

Manually controlled valves, well accessible, with spare hydraulic connectors for either emergency use or for further use of hydraulic powered deck equipment, like winches / cranes etc.


Four (4) hydraulic operated winches built on removable foundation with following specifications:

Pulling force each one: 15 Tons on first layer
Holding force: 17 tons
Pulling speed: 9 meter / min
Drum capacity: 150 meter 26 mm in 4 layers

Fairleads and deck sheaves for cable guidance are provided on deck.

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