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Beaver Standard Cutter Suction Dredgers

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C. Main application


D. Site conditions

Water temperature Min. degrees

Average degrees Max. degrees
Air temperature Min. degrees

Average degrees Max. degrees
Current velocity Average km/h

Max. km/h  
Wave pattern

Wave height

E. Transport to site


Max. draught m

Shore: Max. weight t

max. breadth m

  max. length m

max. height m

  max. breadth m
      max. height m

F. Required capacity

Output in solids per effective pump-hour,

net, m3/h

Discharge distance,

floating, m


shore, m

Elevation above water level


Dredging depths,

minimum, m

  maximum, m

G. Nature of soil

(if possible please state results of investigation or submit undisturbed sample)



,please describe

Compactness of soil